For some years now, there has been the SAP Inside Track, which is organized by consultants, freelancers and companies.

Here, mostly on Saturdays, SAP enthusiasts meet to listen to short presentations on all kinds of topics.

The Inside Tracks are financially supported by SAP, however, the majority of the costs (catering, room rental, etc.) are usually borne by the sponsors.

In some cases, admission fees must also be paid to keep costs down.

In any case, the SAP Inside Tracks is a great thing. If you are interested in SAP and technology in general, I can only recommend taking part in an SAP Inside Track.

As a rule, many mentors and other well-known personalities from the SAP community come together here.

So in addition to interesting presentations, you also have the opportunity to talk directly to the experts.

The Inside Tracks are usually held in the local language and English because many other nationalities also like to come together at an Inside Track.

For this reason, we have decided to make this event to build a stable and healthy SAP community in Valencia giving voice to the people.

Besides sharing knowledge, expertise, and network, our goal is to promote Valencia as an alternative SAP HUB to Madrid and Barcelona.

We believe that the new model of remote work will establish as the new “normal” work model and consultants from Spain and all over the world will start looking for alternative workplaces.

Here we are, Valencia is definitely an amazing city for living and work.

That is why we have created SAP Inside Track Valencia with the ultimate goal of creating a network that will truly empower Valencia as the next SAP spot for locals, Expats and digital nomads.

Together with SAP and local partners, the first SAP Inside Track Valencia will take a place on October 2nd 2021.

Also, we need Speakers for our event, please submit your application here “Call For Speaker“. We are also planning to make the SIT as a hybrid format, physical and live streaming.

If you’re interested you can access our website and book your ticket. It is free!

Use hashtag  #sitVLC on Twitter to share ideas and follow @sitVLC. Spread the news and follow the updates!

Your sitVLC Team